St Leonards Carp lakes are stocked with a good head of big carp. When we opened the lake we did not know exactly what was in it, in 2006 we stocked 110 carp to weights of 50lb. These fish have continued to gain weight and we have stocked the main lake every year and the back lake twice in the last two years.

In the first season over 250 different carp were caught with the largest being 56lb. There was a bigger fish that had been brought to the net but never landed, the legendary 'chesnut mirror' 

The original stock included big dark mirror carp and huge commons in superb condition, as well as a quantity of 'wildies'.

The smaller wildies have been moved to the back lake as they have been caught, and may have been predated by the Catfish in the back lake as the Cats have grown very rapidly, while at the same time we are seeing less smaller fish on the bank.

We have continued to stock both lakes in  2010, 2011 and 2012.

2011 Stocking

2012 Stocking

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