St Leonard's Rules


Here at St.leonard's carp lakes we want you to have a fantastic holiday but we would appreciate you following these few basic rules.

  • All persons fishing at St Leonards Carp lakes agree to the terms and conditions
  • A Maximum of three rods per angler
  • Use only safety rigs
  • No lead core or shock leaders
  • Preferred in-line leads or safety clips
  • Use only particle baits bought and prepared on site
  • No sacking of fish - all fish must be photographed and returned to the lake immediately
  • No fires - we are situated in the Normandy national park and they are forbidden in local law
  • Please be respectful of other anglers and keep noise to a minimum
  • No climbing trees - trees and vegetation must not be damaged
  • Do not leave rods un-attended
  • Use only the provided landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • Please close and lock all gates after use
  • n.b. all anglers must be in a bank-side bivvy to night fish, except on the back lake, if you have a working remote alarm box

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