Do I need any sort of 'Rod license'?

No as this is a private water you do not need to purchase a Rod License

Can I use my own nets and mats?

We do not allow the use of any other mats, nets or weighslings other than the ones we provide. This is to protect our fish stocks from the risk of infection imported on contaminated fishing equipment.

What about particle baits?

We ask that you do not bring your own particle baits to St Leonard's. The preparation and choice of particle baits are very important for the welfare of the fish. We can supply prepared maize and other particles on request and will deliver them to your swim.

I've got a bite alarm receiver, why can't I sleep in a Chalet and fish at the same time?

Even though our lakeside chalets are near the water, the time taken to reach your rods if you are away from the bank is more than enough for a fish to find a snag, or pull your tackle in to the water. A snagged fish can do itself serious damage or even be fatal. A boat launch to retrieve tackle or release snagged fish will disturb the fishing for other anglers, and we try to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Can I use a spod?

Spodding is allowed, but our experience is that it is not effective on our waters. As our lake is relatively shallow, the disturbance caused by spodding spooks the fish and makes them harder, not easier to catch.

Why can't I use Leadcore?

We do not allow the use of leadcore on our waters. Unfortunately a few anglers who have used leadcore against the rules, have knotted it, creating 'death rigs' where after a break off, the fish remains teathered to the lead weight, causing it to die. The welfare of our fish is the most important consideration, and we ask you to respect this.

What are the bottom and features of the main lake?

The lake bottom is varied, with areas of silt, firm areas and gravelly spots. The lake shelves gradually towards the dam end where it reaches it deepest of approximately 8ft. There are several beds of lillies on the lake and many of the bigger fish are caught off the edges off the lilies.


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